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Charles Bernard's work consists in studying in a systematic manner how microorganisms communicate together and defend themselves, based on the genomic DNA sequenced from environmental samples (metagenomics). Specifically, he is developping bioinformatics tools to identify genes related to microbial communication or defense inside environmental genomes, to compare these genes together in order to identify which ones are similar across genomes, which eventually allows him to infer which microorganisms are susceptible to communicate or to defend themselves likewise inside a very community. In a systematic manner, he is using this information to construct large networks (who communicates with whom, who eavesdrops on whom, who manipulates whom or who defends itself like whom etc...) and he analyses these networks with tools from the graph theory in order to better comprehend the role of communication and defense inside microbial environmental communities. Besides, one part of his work consists in characterizing the synthesized products of environmental variants of genes of communication or defense in order to identify new natural products of interest.

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