Séminaire ISYEB 16/05/2023 (in French)

Eric Bapteste’s seminar at ISYEB on May 16th 2023 (in French)

Here’s the abstract:

Evolutionary biologists have observed that ageing is flexible across the Web of Life, questioning the ultimate and proximate causes of why, how and when organisms age. Genes associated with ageing and molecular networks associated with ageing have been characterized in some species, consistently with mainstream evolutionary theories of ageing. However, many challenges lie ahead to enhance our understanding of the evolution of ageing. In this talk, I will briefly introduce methods to analyze the architecture and the dynamics of molecular networks associated with ageing, to assess their evolutionary conservation across species, and suggest some evidence that molecular networks associated with ageing in a given host organism may be affected by ‘age-distorters’, which, beyond classic evolutionary studies of ageing, encourages the development of original co-evolutionary analyses of ageing.

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